Need help with Yammer?

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Have you been given a free Yammer licence with your Office 365 package?


Yammer may be the most common ESN platform today, and its user interface seems deceptively intuitive; yet it’s surely not the platform that’s most easy to make business sense with.


You’ll have heard about a few stand-out cases that work well, but annual bench-marking of more than 150 companies demonstrates conclusively that adoption rates in companies using Yammer are significantly lower than those using other social and collaboration platforms.


There are good reasons for this – not least to do with the fact that the way that Microsoft are making it free with an Office 365 licence, so many companies are having it installed without any compelling business case. All too often, the internal comms team are being given responsibility for introducing Yammer with little warning and no preparation or experience as to how to plan a successful ESN.


Meanwhile, in its wisdom Microsoft has decided to dispense with its entire team of Yammer customer success managers, whose job it was to help people make business sense of their platform.


If you are in the position of needing to implement a Yammer strategy and not knowing how to go about it, help is at hand.


Shilbrook runs a one-day course dedicated to inhouse IC teams to learn how to apply Yammer in their organisation. You’ll learn tactical skills in how to use Yammer better yourself, and also strategic insights in how to plan your launch, drive adoption and animate the network in your organisation.


Explore topics such as:


  1. Setting the scene
  2. Cracking the “social” in social media
  3. Creating social content
  4. Storytelling
  5. Mobile
  6. Measurement
  7. Six social media types
  8. Driving adoption
  9. Animating your network
  10. Governance
  11. Getting leaders to use Yammer
  12. Yammer and live events
  13. Working collaboratively
  14. Integrating Yammer with SharePoint


We can come to your offices, or we can engage remote users in a webinar option.


Price £2,750+VAT, for a full-day workshop of up to 12 delegates.


Contact us for more details.