Becoming a social business

Social Business


Virtually every business, large or small, is well set on the social media band-waggon, and some can point to measurable commercial results to set alongside their improved brand perception, customer service and advocacy activity. Many are also realising the insight and retention benefits of engaging individually with their customers and partners, and helping customers or partners to engage with one another, on their own, branded community spaces. Other businesses are finding the real benefits of using social and collaborative working patterns inside the business. One way and another, social is working its way to the heart of everything we do.


The next step is to create a social strategy that runs across the business, inside and out, a strategy that integrates the ways the marketing and customer service teams talk to customers with the ways that internal teams collaborate on creating the right offerings for those customers. The most innovative businesses are using customer-led ideation to drive innovation – and are sharing the internal stories (warts and all) with their key external audiences. They are breaking down the barriers between inside and outside the business, and turning themselves into agile, transparent organisations with their fingers right on the pulse of their markets, and ideally placed to sustain themselves through the challenges they will soon be facing.


These are the real social businesses – and to join them your business will need a strong vision shared across the board, and driven by the comms and marketing teams.


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