• Time to rethink your website?

    So how often does the ‘we need to look at our website’ question come around? Every two years? Imagine a world where Facebook or any other social media platform only reviewed its offering every two years – of course such platforms are being reviewed and improved continuously. Yet when it comes to one of your […]

  • What can Internal Comms learn from marketing?

    Like it or not, Internal Comms is the Cinderella of the modern corporation. We are asked endlessly to tidy up after others, clear up the mess, given thin resources and even less thanks, while other services – PR, marketing, external comms, IT, even HR – get all the attention. When were you last invited to […]

  • Internal Comms and community management

    Internal comms has always been about getting the message out there, using whatever channels you’ve got at your disposal, to engage your colleagues with what’s going on in the business. The top-down approach has been, and always will be, a core part of the role. But the rise of side-to-side communication via enterprise social networks […]

  • Four reasons why people join an online community

    Broadly speaking, people join a community for one of four reasons:     They want to contribute to getting something done – shared purpose They want to connect with others in a similar life condition – shared circumstance  They want to acquire or impart knowledge or skills – shared practice  They want to explore or express […]

  • What makes an employee highly engaged?

    Launching a successful enterprise social network (ESN) involves working with the organisation’s politics and culture. In many cases these may not be ideally suited to a ‘social’ method of working.   The graphic below explores how engaged staff are based on their perception of how they see their circumstances. It is based on a survey […]

  • Yammer – Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?

    Once upon a time, when Yammer was new and cool, we were told that adoption was so easy and intuitive that the platform spread virally and made the business case for itself. But the fairy-tale died as business after business reported uneven take-up and an ability to convert instant conversation into enduring new methods of […]

  • Ready to start on your social intranet project? Are you sure?

    You know you want to get going on introducing your internal social platform. You’ve got people clamouring for it, and it’s the big project you are desperate to get your teeth into.   But are you ready to start? You may have some great creatives for a launch campaign that will grab everyone’s attention, and […]

  • Why your organization’s culture is important – to you and to the CFO

    Far too many of us know what it means to work in an organization with a toxic culture. You feel out of place and demoralised, it’s hard to have meaningful conversations, and you start working for yourself and not for the wider business. Ultimately, it’s bad for you, and bad for the business itself.   […]

  • 10 steps to improving adoption

    Whether your community platform is for staff, customers, knowledge-sharing or emotional support, the potential benefits are well-known. It should widen and deepen engagement between you and your chosen audience, and then help you reap the benefits of that engagement. A well-planned, well-run and effective community has the power to make the difference between your being an also-ran […]

  • Our approach: How to succeed with your social product

          We have a clear process to achieving a successful social product, whether it’s an ESN inside the business, or a customer community.   If you are just starting out, if you’re well into your planning phase or even if you have launched and need to gain more traction with the audience, the […]

  • Need help with Yammer?

    Have you been given a free Yammer licence with your Office 365 package?   Yammer may be the most common ESN platform today, and its user interface seems deceptively intuitive; yet it’s surely not the platform that’s most easy to make business sense with.   You’ll have heard about a few stand-out cases that work well, but annual […]

  • Do as I say, not as I do

    How genuinely self-critical are you – should you be – about your role in your business? Over the past few years many people have come to acknowledge the potentials of social media inside the business and of collaborative working, characterised most recently by concepts like ‘working-out-loud’.   And yet. Many conversations about these concepts with […]

  • Becoming a social business

      Virtually every business, large or small, is well set on the social media band-waggon, and some can point to measurable commercial results to set alongside their improved brand perception, customer service and advocacy activity. Many are also realising the insight and retention benefits of engaging individually with their customers and partners, and helping customers […]

  • Riding the Microsoft behemoth

    Does Office 365 make Microsoft’s Yammer the inevitable choice for your ESN?   The rise and rise of Microsoft’s Office 365 – with its irresistible appeal to CIOs everywhere as an ultra-trustworthy one-stop shop – is having a strange, distorting effect on the world of enterprise social. It’s certainly helping spread the message that every […]